Define, organise and interconnect concepts

Manage glossaries. Publish vocabulary for reuse.
Collaboratively edit and validate the content.

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Benefit/ Result

Benefit/ Result

Benefit/ Result

The right tools and solutions for vocabulary management can be the difference between a confusing organisation workflow and a super productive organisation rocketing to success.

Trying to Maintain a Consistent Vocabulary is Overwhelming

If you don't have a dedicated tool... 

  • It's confusing to manage terms with multiple meanings.
  • The vocabulary management gets out of control.
  • It is hard to come up with a precise definition without tools that support concept encoding.
  • It is hard to manage domain concepts without classifying and interconnecting them.

And that leads to confusion and low productivity. We don’t want that for you. Ontobuilder has given organisations the right tool to manage their vocabulary. Our tools and solutions will work for you too.

You deserve a proper tool to manage and syncronise the vocabulary across your organisation.

Your Technological Partner for Vocabulary Management

Our mission is to help your organization with the proper tools and solutions to manage your vocabulary.

Helping organizations to manage taxonomies and ontologies in a standard-based way for better, more informed decisions and seamless communication.

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