We make European public spending transparent

Business intelligence platform designed to provide

in-depth insights into procurement data for

Business-to-Government contracts

TED-DATA offers a comprehensive set of business intelligence dashboards designed to provide in-depth insights into procurement data. It is intended for use by:

SMEs and Large Corporations

Government Agencies

Investigation Journalists

High-Volume Buyers

The dashboards are divided into three main categories:

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis dashboards provide a high-level view of procurement activity, with detailed information about awarded lots, volume, and top players for buyers and Suppliers (winners).

Indicator Analysis

The Indicators Analysis is a comprehensive set of dashboards that provide users with in-depth insights into the procurement processes of their organization.

Segmentation Analysis

The Segmentation Analysis dashboards provide more detailed insights into procurement activity. It can be used to gain insights into procurement data and make informed decisions.

Our Cause

We support the greater cause of Publications Office of the European Union to provide the EU citizens with reliable and complete data on public procurement to foster transparency and accountability of public spending.

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) serves as the digital iteration of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal' of the European Union, and offers free access to business opportunities originating from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and other regions.

A few stats about TED:

  • 735,000 yearly procurement notices
  • 258,000 calls for tenders
  • Approx. €670 billion contract value

Each notice varies in format, language, and sector. Currently, obtaining an overview of procurement is challenging, which the EU acknowledges and is addressing. With our data system, we're crafting the European Public Procurement Knowledge Graph to provide seamless querying and access of the past and future notices. On top, we provide an analytics layer that answers limitless business questions and extracts insights impossible to reach manually

Extracting Knowledge from TED can be Overwhelming

If you don't make use of intelligent tools.

  • It is frustrating to miss a great (relevant) call for competition on a public tender.
  • You don’t know who are the competitors, thus possible partners for a given contract notice.
  • You don't know how and where each Public Authority procures certain classes of goods, services, and works.
  • You don't have the tools to discover trends and evolutions in public procurement for a buyer, a geographic region, or a category of goods, services, and works.

And that leads to a lack of competition, bids that do not meet your needs and possible allegations or conflicts of interest. 

We don’t want that for you. 

TED Data offers the most advanced tendering analytic platform to help you with the public procurement process.

Exploring public procurement data should be simple.

Ted Data Features

Latest Data

Stay up-to-date with the most recent information on our website, updated daily.

Competition Analysis

Assess who your competitors are for a specific call for tendering.

Detailed Data Exploration

Browse the data, searching for past and current trends and valuable insights.

Precise Market Insights

Get the inside scoop on market trends and opportunities with our expert analysis and data-driven insights.

Market Overview Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth analysis of market trends and dynamics, and get the insights you need to make strategic decisions that drive success.

NUTS Geographic Layers

Explore our interactive maps and discover the different regions and territories we cover according to the standard Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS).

CPV Products and Services Classification

Browse our comprehensive list of products and services, classified according to the standard Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV).

Procurement Excellence

Discover how our performance indicators can help you measure and improve your administrative capacity, transparency, and integrity in public procurement.

Public Procurement Data Training

Empower Your Business with Our Expertise - Learn how to navigate public procurement data and gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive training program.

Buyer and Supplier Analysis

Understand your customers and suppliers like never before with our comprehensive analysis and insights, and make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Distribution Analysis

Gain insights into your product, goods, and services distribution using CPV classification and NUTS geographic layers.

Integrity Index

Our cutting-edge integrity index helps you identify and mitigate risks in public procurement, ensuring a fair and ethical process.

Transparency Tracker

Keep track of your procurement transparency with our innovative performance indicators that help you stay ahead of the competition.

Time Travel

Access historic data from previous tendering calls and see how far you've come since 2014.

Premium Support

Get the Help You Need When You Need It - Our premium support service ensures that you have access to our experts whenever you need assistance, so you can focus on growing your business.

CSV Data Download

Download your data visualizations in CSV format with just one click, making it easy to analyze and share your data with others.

Coming Soon


Revolutionize Public Procurement Data Analysis - Join the conversation and make data-driven decisions with ChatGPT for public procurement data.

Data Quality Indicators

Ensure Accurate Procurement Decisions - Our quality indicators measure the accuracy and reliability of public procurement data, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Procurement Insights

Unlock Business Opportunities - Our platform combines procurement data with macro-economic indicators to provide valuable insights for optimizing your business strategy in any country.

Success Estimation

Assess the winning chance and if it’s worth applying for a call for tender.

Personalised Alerts

Stay in the Know - Never miss an important update again with our personalised alerts. Get notified when new information is available that matches your interests.

Opportunity Qualification

Unleash Your Potential - Our opportunity qualification feature allows you to qualify opportunities within a given time window and geographic region or market segment, enabling you to focus on the most promising leads and maximize your potential.

Advanced Search

Find What You Need Faster - Our advanced search feature allows you to quickly and easily find exactly what you're looking for.

Personalised Alerts

Receive personalised alerts for meaningful opportunities.

Custom Dashboards

Get real-time insights with our customizable dashboards, tailored to your unique data needs.

About Us

We are involved with EU institutions in modelling the public procurement data standards.

We are experts on structuring the EU public procurement data.

We have a strong team of data scientists and analysts.

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