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Trying to Win a Public Tender is Overwhelming

If you don't have the appropiate tools/information/knowledge...

  • It is frustrating to miss a great (relevant) call for competition on a public tender.
  • You don’t know who are the competitors, thus possible partners for a given contract notice.
  • You don't know how and where each Public Authority procures certain classes of goods, services, and works.
  • You don't have the tools to discover trends and evolutions in public procurement for a buyer, a geographic region, or a category of goods, services, and works.

And that leads to losing important business opportunities. We don’t want that for you.

Ted Data offers the most advanced tendering analytic platform for winning public tenders.

Making informed decisions in the public tendering process is easy with TED-DATA


Winning Public Tenders with Confidence

TED-DATA empowers Tenderers to increase their win rate and assess the probability of success in European public tenders. By utilizing the platform's advanced analytic tools, Tenderers can make informed decisions that enhance their chances of securing contracts.

Streamlined Contract Management

Tenderers can simplify the complex process of managing contracts. The platform enables efficient contract tracking, monitoring, and optimization, ensuring that Tenderers can focus on their core business operations.

Uncover Lucrative Business Opportunities

The platform helps Tenderers discover new business prospects by providing insights into market trends and valuable opportunities. Through detailed data exploration and expert analysis, Tenderers can identify potential contracts that align with their strengths and expertise.

Personalized Alerts for Timely Updates

Contractors can stay informed with personalized alerts that notify them of important updates matching their interests. This ensures that they never miss out on crucial information, helping them stay ahead of the competition and seize timely opportunities.

Data-Driven Success Estimation

Through the platform's success estimation feature, Tenderers can assess the likelihood of winning a specific call for tender. By gauging the winning chance and determining if it's worth applying, Tenderers can allocate their resources wisely for maximum impact.

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