We support the greater cause of the European Union to make the procurement process transparent, to eliminate frauds, corruptions or any other problems that can not be detected due to the overwhelming amount of unstructured data. 


We directly increase the transparency on public spendings.

TED-DATA is a Luxembourg-based start-up company that provides data-driven SaaS in the public procurement domain.

TED-DATA is powered by Meaningfy, a company that provides data-driven solutions, consulting, and software development services to European clients in the fields of Knowledge Graphs, Linked (Open) Data, Natural Language Processing, and Data Science.

Meaningfy journey began with a series of projects with European Public Institutions, where we developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of working with large amounts of data, particularly in the area of public procurement.

Through these projects, we saw a need for a platform that would facilitate transparency and accessibility of European Public Procurement data. That's why we created
TED-DATA.COM, a platform that answers selected business questions about European public procurement. Our platform allows users to analyse millions of documents published every year in the Official Journal of the European Union, providing a user-friendly interface, powerful visualization tools, and insightful analysis.

At TED-DATA, we are driven by a set of core values that include a commitment to excellence, innovation, transparency, and social impact. We believe in the power of data to drive positive change in society, and we are committed to working with clients who share this vision.

Our Team

Knowledgeable Semantic Architect with a background in Semantic Web Technologies, Computational Linguistics AI . 

Eugeniu Costetchi


Experienced Product Owner, with 15+ years of experience in Software Development. Strategic Navigator of Web Innovation.

Thomas Cedorge

Product owner

Research And Development Engineer with 10+ years of experience.

Dumitru Prijilevski

software developer

10 + years of experience in semantic processing of natural languages, design of neural networks and natural language disambiguation.

Ștefan Stratulat

Software developer

Self-motivated developer with a strong background in technology, driven by curiosity to learn and create. 

Dragos Paun


AI and Data expert with advanced degrees and industry success. Consults on cutting-edge tech adoption, and creative solutions.

bogdan toader

marketing specialist

Driving Business Growth. Entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience in various industries.

daniel deaconu

business development